M is for Mighty

What are those letters M. S. about?

What is this feeling?

on July 14, 2013

What is this feeling? I am not sure if it checks the box for anger or depression on the grief cycle. Perhaps the acceptance stage lends  itself to a passive  aggressive sort of approach to dealing with feelings associated with MS. I mean think about it… We are talking about grief here. The best you get is acceptance for a reason. I think it is unreasonable to think you will embrace whatever causes you so much pain. 

Signs that we are at the acceptance stage: planning for the future including cruise control, automatic transmission, and a one story house. In addition, eating healthier.
Signs of depression: that sinking feeling that this will never go away. It will never get better. It will likely get worse.
Signs of anger: resentment that MS controls our thoughts, conversations, and future plans.
Denial and Bargaining…. Hmmmmm… We are both pretty pragmatic. I think we are pretty efficiently spending little, if any, time here.
I guess the thing I am currently ruminating is the concept that acceptance is as good as it gets. That kinda sucks.

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