M is for Mighty

What are those letters M. S. about?

Pharma-wait and- cy

on July 21, 2013
Is anyone else having trouble getting their Tecfidera? It was supposed to arrive Thursday but didn’t. Then we got a call saying it would be here on Tuesday. If we stayed “on schedule” we would run out of those beautiful rattley morsels on Friday evening, so we decided to ration them. Perfect! Fewer stomach cramps – well only half the day anyway, and still a steady stream of meds. 
Talked to the pharmacy again on Monday and they said they are still waiting for insurance and can’t get the Tec to us until Thursday at the earliest. 
After a few days of no meds and some creeping numbness, that Avonex in the fridge was looking pretty inviting. 
We call this “calculated risk.” We live 3.8 miles from the hospital and it takes approximately 10 minutes to get there. 
Onset of Anaphylaxis for intravenous is usually 5-30 minutes. In 80-90% of people the first symptom is a skin reaction. Get where we are going with this?
Thursday evening arrived with no ETA from the pharmacy and everyone frustrated with Blue Cross.  
Here we go! 
Avonex in….. Collective holding of the breath…. Kids all gathered and watching….. (For moral support I am sure)
Blessedly anticlimactic!
Unfortunately, whether it be from a med break and then launching into our first full dose of Avonex, or a lack of preparation (not drinking like a camel the day before and the day of) we discovered what “flu-like symptoms” truly means. 
The fever started at about 10pm. Muscle aches, around 11 or so. Time for an NSAID. Oh yeah…. we were supposed to do that BEFORE the injection! 
We thought of that one too late. The fever increased to an estimated 103. Chills? Heck yeah! Those hit around 1am. Spasmodic cramping joined the party at about 2am. Somewhere around 4:30am the fever broke and we were able to get some sleep. 
On the up-side, other than feeling hungover, REALLY tired, and just a teensey bit cranky… Okay…. A lot cranky…. Friday was on its way to being a normal day! Yay! 
After a nice weekend with our family, we are ready to fight the fight again. Watch out Blue Cross! Here we come!!! 

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