M is for Mighty

What are those letters M. S. about?


on February 19, 2014

February marks a couple of major milestones in our MS Journey. First, it marks one full year since the puzzle pieces fell into place and we started to suspect something more than stress and age related aches and pains. Second, it marks a full six months on the little blue pill… oh wait… not that one… the one that sounds like a baby rattle on its way down your gullet. 🙂

1. I still can never seem to tell if the feet are cold or just numb.

2. Squirrel brain abounds!

3. Pens, keys, and other small objects are dropped with such regularity it is the expectation not the exception.

4. Cold = cramping… sucks!

1. I consider us extremely fortunate to have been able to put the pieces together so early in the disease progression.

2. I also consider us fortunate to have a neurologist who is up on the latest research and willing to take risks.

3. The timing was impeccable. Tecfidera was officially released on the market in March of 2013. We knew we were looking at possible MS in February of 2013 and got the official diagnosis in April of 2013.

4. After some emphatically unpleasant experiences with Avonex, we were able to start on Tecfidera in July – just 3 months after diagnosis and just 4 months after its release.

5. An MRI at the end of December showed no new flares.

Do you ever feel blissfully blessed?


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