M is for Mighty

What are those letters M. S. about?

A New Chapter

on July 3, 2015

We are at 2 years since diagnosis and happy to report, doing well. Tecfidera is doing it’s job, and while old symptoms ebb and flow, we are happy to report no new flares!
We have recently made a major life change. We started out just looking for houses with fewer stairs. (Our home was what they call a “five level.” You pretty much can’t go anywhere without stairs!) Then, as we travelled around, visiting family, started taking a peek at available real estate.
The bitter cold of Idaho has been rough for muscle spasms and cramping, but oddly enough, we have discovered no major ill effects from heat (aside from the discomfort and torture EVERYONE experiences at 110 degrees). This, of course, is NOT true for all who have MS. Through our research and conversations with fellow MSers, some people with MS cannot seem to even function in the heat. 
We are fortunate to have found some relief from the winter spasms and have made a move. We are now living in sunny Arizona. We have only been here a few weeks, battling the summer heat, but so far, so good!!!! 


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